We all know life happens. Cars run out of gas, batteries die, and even the safest of drivers get into both major and minor car accidents. When the unexpected happens, rest assured knowing that MCA has you covered. Regardless of what the case is, rely on MCA to deliver peace of mind when you need it the most.

Motor Club of America, MCA for short, is the newest division of TVC Marketing Associates. TVC Marketing Associates has been in existence since 1987, and MCA provided its first automobile related services back in 1926. TVC is an acronym for The Vital Connection and is owned by Virgil Coffee. Mr. Coffee was the original mastermind behind the revolutionary and ground-breaking compensation plan for the Pre-Paid legal company.

While some of the benefits that MCA provides can be compared to those of competing companies, many go above and beyond their most premium packages. Even the basic MCA package provides “unlimited” roadside assistance and unlimited 100 miles tows per year. Other companies pale in comparison considering that most will only provide a maximum of 5 miles per tow and limit the number of annual calls to 4.

The membership plans from Motor Club of America provide the service you deserve, and the peace of mind you most desperately want when the unexpected occurs at home, on the road or at the job. Your coverage is not only limited to roadside assistance, but you also have the added assurance of personal accident coverage, emergency room benefits, and discounts on prescription drugs, dental care and vision care. Help is literally a phone call away.

MCA provides top notch customer service and a variety of packages to best suit your needs and your budget. When you join MCA, you are in good company…over 7,000,000 motorists rely on MCA’s 86 years of experience to protect them.