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Attention Truck Driver & Dispatch professionals

The reality of the tow truck business is that there are few repeat customers.  This is part of the reason automotive clubs became so popular – it allowed for a steady volume of customers to be produced.  However MCA provides an even more lucrative opportunity for you and your business: the realization of residual income from each of your customers.

You might not be too familiar with the names “MCA” or “Motor Club of America” as these names are how we brand ourselves with the consumer base.  However, I’m pretty sure that you have heard of our dispatch service “Auto Helpline“.  We consistently pay tow truck drivers more money, more frequently and more quickly than any other dispatch service.

Each one of your customers who receives a tow from you should be introduced to the awesome benefits of the Motor Club of America. Because they are being towed, they actively see the need for a service like ours.  There is no need to hard sell this service, just introduce it to your customer base at point of service and you will start realizing extra income.

When a customer gets a tow from you they will have the opportunity to have the Total Security Package and enjoy over $150,000 worth of coverage for only $19.95 a month and be protected with all of the many benefits that are listed below. For each customer you sell you will be paid $80-$90 from MCA. Selling 12 MCA Total Security packages a week to your customers is a Extra $1,000 in your pocket every week.

    • Emergency Roadside Assistance – Unlimited Towing up to 100 miles, fuel delivery, lockout, and much more
    • Travel Assistance Reimbursement – Up to $500 provided for a rental car, meals, and lodging
    • Trip Planning and Travel Reservations – One stop shop for all of your travel assistance needs
    • Arrest Bonds – Up to $500 to bond you out of jail
    • Bail Bonds – up to $25,000.00 to release you in a related vehicle manslaugther or negligent homicide auto incident
    • Attorney Fees – Up to $2,000 to fight a moving violation ticket, damaged vehicle, or personal injury matters
    • Stolen Vehicle Reward – Up to $5,000.00 to the person who recovers your stolen vehicle
    • Credit Card Protection – Up to $1,000.00 reimbursed to you if your Credit Card is misused
    • Hotel and Rental Card Discounts – Up to 45% off
    • Prescription, Vision, and Dental Discounts – Up to 65% off
    • Emergency Reimbursement Benefits – Receive up to $500 if you go to the emergency room
    • Daily Hospital Benefit – Up to $54,750.00 if your admitted into the hospital, paid at $150.00 daily
    • Accidental Death Benefit – Up to $60,000.00 – MCA is a valued partner of Zurich Insurance of North America
    • Worldwide Travel Assistance Program – Medical Evacuation, Return of Child, Return of remains, and much more

We suggest that you get started with the Pro Driver 4885 plan.  Not only will this give you the opportunity to sell MCA memberships to your customers, but it will also protect you and your business with the many benefits that can be seen by clicking here.  Of course, the choice of your own personal plan is always up to you.

MCA requires 2 months of coverage to be paid at checkout.

Cancellation: Feel free to cancel your coverage at anytime without any penalties.

What Happens When You Sign-Up? You will be re-directed to to sign up to become an associate.

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